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AMS Supply was founded in 2010 with one thing in mind: “We don’t have customers; we have friends that we do business with!”

Beginning with a narrow line of products sold and delivered from the owner’s garage, AMS has since grown into a distribution company with a diverse array of industrial cleaning and maintenance supplies. AMS Supply currently has sales representatives servicing Ohio, the Southern Peninsula of Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana. Deliveries to adjacent areas are also feasible.


As the “sales-rep” driven business model has been set aside due to the advances in technology, the customers have been left to fend for themselves in many areas. AMS values the “face-to-face” customer/vendor relationship.

Reliable information and fair pricing for quality products should be expected within that relationship. The AMS representative will offer accurate product information, construct fair pricing, and be trustworthy when it comes to doing business. They are here to help you succeed.

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