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Pump - Solvent Pail 4 oz

Pail Pump With 2 Inch NPS Adapter & Strap

This durable corrosion resistant pail pump is constructed of zinc plated steel. The steel mounting strap hooks on the bottom of a pail to hold the pump in place. The pump delivers approximately 4 ounces per stroke. It is adaptable to all round 5- and 6-gallon metal containers, regardless of size and type of opening. The suction tube is 14 inches. The nylon piston handles non-flammable solvents. This pump is self-venting and instantly primed. It is fitted with a spout closure to prevent evaporation and residual drippage. The pump comes completely assembled. This hand pump fits onto any pail with a Rieke FSII® spout in the lid. Most pails in the industry are five gallons but there are six-gallon pails that take the FSII® spout as well. Bored out FLEXSPOUT® cap (included) secures pump to FLEXSPOUT®.

Pump - Solvent Pail 4 oz

SKU: 25620-00-PSOLP-04
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